Saturday, September 16, 2006

School students in Kinniya

Some of the internally displaced people from Muthur have moved to Kinniya. They moved from Muthur to Kantale earlier in August, soon after the violence escalated. Afterwards some of them with relatives in Kinniya moved here. They are staying with their relatives for the moment.

They say that, if their safety is assured, they are willing to return to Muthur.

Muslim women in Kinniya, attending a counseling session

Passengers in Kinniya jetty

Ferry journey from Kinniya to China Bay takes fifteen minutes

This photo was captured from a ferry, which carries passengers, and vehicles from Kinniya to Trincomalee, vice versa.

"I do not earn enough income to take care of my family. Life is becoming ver difficult here" says Mohamed Thalith (70), a shop keeper in Kinniya

Straw is being taken by a tractor in Kinniya, East of Sri Lanka

Time to cool off, for this "Man's best friend", in Kinniya